In Loving Memory of Bridgett Sebok

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Bridgett's story under Construction.

One day in April '95 our neighbor Leslie mentioned to us that she had seen a ferret that needed a new home. Leslie was an insurance agent and one of her clients had a ferret in the basement. This ferret lived in a cat carrier and attracted Leslie's attention by grabbing a nearby plastic bag and pulling in into the carrier. When asked about the ferret, the client said that it belonged to her son who was no longer interested in it. The client was not all that interested in keeping it either. The ferret's age was "less than a year old." Its name was simply "ferret".

We told Leslie that we would try to find a home for that ferret. About a week later Leslie met us at the walkout basement door of our townhouse with a carrier containing a sable jill. The ferret's sole belongings were a piece of fabric from some old long underwear, a margarine tub as a dish, a box of food, and a bag of cedar chips (which went right into the compost pile). They wanted the carrier back. Bill named the ferret Bridgett. When asked why all he could say is that "she looked like a Bridgett". On further thought Bill decided that he had visualized an Irish waif, and indeed Bridgett did have the look of a poor waif. It was not long before rather than trying to find a home for Bridgett, we instead decided to keep her.

We had decided to initially quarantine the new arrival in the basement until we could have a vet check her health. She resided near the glass door in Ben and Jerry's original small cage. Bill piled up boxes in a ring to make a pen in which she could have some supervised play time. Initially she just wanted to figure out how to escape the pen. She did not know how to play. When a toy was dangled on a string in front of her, she did not know what to do with it. She looked upon Bill with suspicion and when she got the opportunity she would sometimes bite hard.

After the quarantine period was over it was time for Bridgett to meet Ben, Jerry, and Buttercup. All three of the older ferrets rejected her. Ben and Buttercup would chase her around the ferret room, making her hide in one of the clear dryer hose tubes running around the edge of the room. The would dig at the tubes to try to get at her. Bridgett would also hide in a little hutch where she could protect herself. Jerry didn't actually chase Bridgett, but if Bridgett came too close Jerry would bite. Bridgett still had to stay in the small cage rather than the big cage where the other three ferrets lived, although the small cage was now moved next to the big cage. She had to stay in that small cage for 7 months.

In October '95 we got Jasmine, intending that she could be a friend for Bridgett. Since at that point we only had two cages, Jasmine spent her first night with us in the small cage with Bridgett. Bridgett was initially sociable with Jasmine but by the next day started to pick on Jasmine. However the other ferrets accepted Jasmine right away. Unexpectedly the other ferrets also stopped picking on Bridgett and now all of the ferrets could now live in one cage. This was now the era of our "first five" ferrets which lasted 1 year and 4 months from October '95 until Jerry died in February '97.


To Be Continued...

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