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Image Gallery Map Bill Holding Buttercup Clare Sebok Bill and Clare with Ben, Jerry, and Lupi Bill and Clare with Lupi and Bernie Bill and Clare Bill and Clare sit by a Window Clare and Parents John and Marion Flesch Lupi Lupi on the Deck Lupi Lupi in the Fall Grass Lupi and Bernie's Romp in Snow Lupi at Christmas 1995 Lupi at Christmas 1996 Lupi in Rabbit Ears Lupi in Rabbit Ears Lupi Ben as Two Month Old Kit Ben the Queen Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben, Jerry, and Buttercup Ben Carries Ball Ben takes a Raisin Ben Curls Up Ben and Jasmine Tussling Ben, Jerry, and Jasmine Begging Ben, Jerry, and Jasmine Sleeping Ben and Buttercup Ben Wrestles with Buttercup Ben Curls Up Ben Plays With a Toy Ben Carries off a Toy Ben Carries off a Toy Ben Ben, Buttercup, Bridgett and Jasmine Begging Clare Gives Ben Her Medicine Bill Syringe Feeds Ben Ben on Scanner Buttercup, Bridgett and Jasmine on Scanner Ben and Jerry as Kits Kits Ben and Jerry Wrestling Ben and Jerry as Kits Ben and Jerry as Kits Ben and Jerry as Kits Wrestling Bill with Ben and Jerry Ben and Jerry Ben and Jerry Kit Jerry Plays in Box Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Takes a Lid Jerry Picks Up Lid Jerry Goes for a Raisin Jerry Stretches for Raisin Jerry Picks Up Lid Jerry Puts Lid Away Clare Gives Jerry a Raisin Jerry Being Hand Fed Baby Buttercup Buttercup Buttercup Buttercup Licking her Chops Bill Holding Buttercup Buttercup in Tent Buttercup Buttercup on Computer Keyboard Bridgett Bridgett and Toy Ben, Jerry, Buttercup, Bridgett, and Jasmine Bridgett Bridgett Bridgett Bill holding Bridgett and Jasmine Bridgett in Tent Bridgett Begs Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine's Dance of Joy Jasmine Jasmine and Bernie Jasmine and Shoe Jasmine in Bill's sleeve Jasmine and Ben Jasmine with Little Bear Jasmine with Little Bear Jasmine with Little Bear Jasmine Begs for Treats Jasmine's Walk Jasmine Grabs a Toy Jasmine Plays with a Toy Jasmine on a Table Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine Yawns Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie and Charlie Bonnie Pounces on Charlie Bonnie and Charlie Sing Music Bonnie and Charlie Play in a Clear Box Bonnie Grabs an Ornament Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie gapes at Bridgett Buttercup vs. Charlie Buttercup and Charlie Face Off Melee with Jasmine, Charlie, and Bonnie Charlie grabs Jasmine ferrets Jasmine and Charlie tussle Puppy Patrick Bernie Revere and Bernie Cloudy and Spazz Rocky Arnold Arnold's Dance

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These are photos of Bill and Clare.

This is Bill and our ferret Buttercup when she was an 8 weeks old kit (Feb 1994, 50288 bytes).
This is my wife Clare (23533 bytes).
Bill and Clare pose in front of their townhouse with Ben, Jerry and Lupi. This picture was taken in the summer of '92 when Lupi was about 3 years old and Ben and Jerry were 2 1/2 (31988 bytes).
Bill and Clare sit on a swing on a fall day with the dogs Lupi and Bernie (October '94, 62337 bytes).
This is a picture of Clare with her parents John and Marion Flesch on the occasion of her parent's 50th wedding anniversary (June 1996, 54872 bytes).
Bill and Clare pose after attending an outdoor wedding of some friends (August '96, 52712 bytes).
Bill and Clare by a window. This window is in the house in University Park, Ohio owned by Diane and Dan Palmer (Bill's sister and brother-in-law) (Xmas '97, 31207 bytes).

Our Pets


Our dog Lupi was born around May 1989. We got him from a shelter November 3, 1990. He was obsessed with food. To him our ferrets were toys or rivals for our attention. Lupi died suddenly and unexpectedly on June 6, 1998 from a tumor in his heart.
Lupi looks at the camera from the living room of Clare's parents in Lawrenceville, NJ. This image was taken when Lupi was about 2 years old (July '91, 28912 bytes).
Lupi looks up from amidst the flowers on the deck (Oct '92, 41060 bytes).
Lupi gazes at the camera (before Oct 1995, 34387 bytes).
Lupi does his Santa Claus impression for Christmas 1995 (Dec 1995, 29942 bytes).
Lupi stands in the fall grass (1995 or before, 39418 bytes).
Here is Lupi and Bernie romping in the snow (Dec 1995, 35393 bytes). Bernie is a miniature poodle (born June 1995) belonging to Bill's folks in Ohio.
Lupi poses in his Christmas Costume. (Dec 1996, 48087 bytes).
B7 and B8
In these two pictures: B7 (March 1997, 39021 bytes) and B8 (March 1997, 21141 bytes) Lupi pretends to be the Easter Bunny
Lupi takes a rest at the top of the stairs (Feb 1998, 59609 bytes).


Ben was one of our original two ferrets. She and her littermate Jerry were born around December 1, 1989. We acquired her as a kit on January 26, 1990. For most of her life she was the dominant ferret. For four years Ben and Jerry were our only ferrets. Ben died on Clare's lap on August 22, 1997 from lymphosarcoma that had invaded her pancreas.
Two month old Ben poses near a little rocking chair with a stuffed monkey (February 1990, 48656 bytes).
Ben shows the regal pose that made her alpha ferret. (around Thanksgiving, 1994, 27567 bytes).
Ben begs for a treat (Jan '96, 36851 bytes).
Ben looks soulfully at the camera (Jan '96, 24860 bytes).
Ben wearing a little hat posing (late '95 early '96, 41725 bytes).
Ben wearing a little hat being held (late '95 early '96), 56503 bytes).
Ben, Buttercup, and Jerry sleep with their heads poking out of the purple hutch (late '95 early '96, 40885 bytes).
This is a picture of Ben carrying a tennis ball up the steps in Bill's Mom's' home in Ohio. Note that this picture was taken just one month before she had an operation to remove a large tumor. At that point we had no idea that anything was wrong (December 1996, 22892 bytes).
Ben takes a raisin in front of the plaid tent (Dec 1996, 51803 bytes).
Ben curls up on a little ferret bed Dec 1996, 42587 bytes).
Ben tussles with Jasmine (Nov 1996, 47791 bytes).
Jerry, Ben, and Jasmine are begging for raisins (date late October, 1996, 57235 bytes).
Jasmine, Ben, and Jerry are curled up on a big cat bed (Dec 1996, 62222 bytes).
Ben and Buttercup (May 1997, 44571 bytes).
Ben wrestles with Buttercup (May 1997, 46281 bytes).
Ben looks at the camera from a chair. This image was taken while Ben was receiving chemotherapy for lymphoma (March or April 1997, 74177 bytes).
Ben plays with a stuffed cow dangled from a fishing rod (May 1997, 27675 bytes).
Ben carries off a toy, showing it off to the camera (April 1997, 64264 bytes).
Ben races past the camera carrying her toy. (May or June 1997, 60829 bytes).
Ben curls up on a little ferret bed in the cage. This image was taken in May '97, 3 months before her death from lymphoma. During this period she was receiving chemotherapy and was doing well. However about this time we received the ominous news that her cancer was beginning to resist the drugs (May 1997, 77123 bytes).
Jasmine, Ben, and Bridgett and Jasmine (left to right) beg for raisins. They live in a three-storey cage connected to a two-storey cage. The cages are connected by a white pipe visible in the lower center of this picture. Outside is a deck with summer flowers (July 1997, 94654 bytes).
Ben licks Nutrical with her medicine from Clare's finger (July 1997, 42799 bytes).
Ben is fed by Bill from a syringe (July 1997, 48609 bytes).
Ben poses on Bill's new scanner and birthday present, a Umax S-12. When this image was taken it was intended to be used to create a thank you card for those who helped Bill buy this scanner. We didn't know that it was to be the last good picture we got of her, as she died a month later (July, 1997, 29459 bytes).


Jerry was the other of our original two ferrets. She and her littermate Ben were born around December 1, 1989. We acquired her as a kit on January 26, 1990. For four years Ben and Jerry were our only ferrets. Jerry died on Bill's lap on February 15, 1997 from kidney failure.
Jerry as a kit plays in a Christmas box with holes cut in it (March 1990, 46269 bytes).
Jerry stares up at a toy (Thanksgiving weekend, November 1994, 69261 bytes).
Here (Jan 1996, 32881 bytes) and here (Jan 1996, 42666 bytes) are two more images of Jerry.
Jerry strikes a cute pose (Dec 1996, 24006 bytes).

Little Jerry loved to carry lids around and stash them. Lids from Quaker Oats cans were her favorite.

Jerry picks up a lid (Nov 1996, 46423 bytes).
Jerry takes a lid from Clare. (Nov 1996, 57957 bytes).
Jerry picks up a lid under Bernie's (my mother's poodle) watchful eye (Nov 1996, 57847 bytes).
Under Bernie's watchful eye Jerry puts the lid away (Nov 1996, 65616 bytes).

In her last couple months of life, Jerry liked to play "raisin" games. Taking raisins and stashing them. When she was younger she would instead be more likely to eat than stash them.

Clare gives Jerry a raisin. Jerry, although very sick at this point from kidney failure, still liked to take and hide raisins and would even climb up a couch to get raisins (Dec 1996, 52804 bytes).
Jerry goes for a raisin (Dec 1996, 64171 bytes).
Jerry stretches up for a raisin (Dec 1996, 61153 bytes).
Jerry is hand fed from a syringe (Oct 1996, 26662 bytes).

Ben & Jerry together

Ben and Jerry as kits playing in some red paper (Feb 1990, 60602 bytes).
When Ben and Jerry were kits they would often wrestle together. Here at the age of two months Ben pounces on Jerry (February 1990, 42377 bytes).
Kits Ben and Jerry play in their play box (February 1990, 42160 bytes).
Kits Ben & Jerry explore under an end table. In this image they were about 2 months old (Feb 1990, 74360 bytes).
Kits Ben & Jerry wrestle. In this image they were about 2 months old (Feb 1990, 32516 bytes).
Ben & Jerry ride on Bill's shoulder. In this image they were just under a year old (Oct 1990, 55640 bytes).
Here are Ben and Jerry (1995 before october, 51240 bytes).
Here is another of Ben and Jerry poking their heads out of a sleep sack (1995 before october, 35968 bytes).


Buttercup was born on January 1, 1994. We got her around Valentine's day 1994 as a ferret kit of about 6 weeks (she was our Valentine's day gift to each other).
This is Bill holding ferret Buttercup when she was an 8 weeks old kit (Feb 1994, 50288 bytes). This H3 is a closeup of kit Buttercup in that image (32133 bytes).
This is Bill holding 6 or 7 week old Buttercup shortly after we adopted her (February 1994, 42816 bytes).
Bill holding Buttercup when Buttercup was about 3 (i.e. an adult ferret) (Nov 1996, 42617 bytes).
This image of Buttercup was taken during Thanksgiving weekend, November 1994 (28566 bytes)
Here is Buttercup licking her chops (Jan Feb 1996, 33066 bytes).
Buttercup looks at the camera (late 1994 or 1995 before October, 48947 bytes).
Buttercup pokes her head out of a little tent (Dec 1996, 46766 bytes).
Buttercup stands on the keyboard of Bill's home computer (April 1997, 48319 bytes).
Buttercup looks at the camera (May '97, 20339 bytes).
Buttercup, Bridgett and Jasmine investigate Bill's new scanner (July 1997, 71482 bytes). This was a companion picture to the picture of Ben on that scanner.


Bridgett was born around June 1994. We rescued her April 1995 from a family that did not want her.
This image of Bridgett was taken between April and October 1995 (32859 bytes). It shows the "waif" look that she still has.
Here is Bridgett plays tug-of-war over a squeek toy (Dec 1995, 33085 bytes).
Jasmine, Buttercup, Ben, Bridgett, and Jerry (from left to right) sleep in a pile with their heads poking out of the purple hutch (late '95 early '96, 50561 bytes).
Here is another image of Bridgett posing for the camera (Jan-Feb 1996, 35044 bytes).
Bridgett looks soulfully at the camera (late '95 early '96, 16823 bytes).
Bridgett with a little hat checks out a box of Ferret Bites. (late '95 early '96, 50135 bytes).
Here is Bill holding Bridgett and Jasmine (Dec 1995, 38858 bytes).
Bridgett pokes her head out of a little tent (Dec 1996, 63823 bytes).
Bridgett begs for a treat (June 1997, 36090 bytes).


Jasmine was born in June 1995. We acquired her as a ferret kit from a pet shop at the age of four months after she had been there for about 2 1/2 months.
Jasmine climbs a sofa in Bill's Mom's house in Ohio (Dec 1995, 31056 bytes).
Here is Jasmine's Dance of Joy (Dec 1995, 59004 bytes).
Jasmine meets Bernie (Dec 1995, 46387 bytes).
Jasmine plays with a toy shoe (Dec 1995, 14595 bytes).
Jasmine peeks out of Bill's sleeve (Dec 1995, 33318 bytes).
Jasmine pokes her head out of the purple hutch.(Jan Feb 1996, 38003 bytes),
Jasmine stands near a small ferret bed (Jan Feb 1996, 30968 bytes).
Jasmine does the flat-ferret pose. They do that when they are tired or taking a break.
J4, K3, and K4,
Jasmine sleeps with a little hand-sewn Teddy Bear: (J4) stretched out (42927 bytes), (K3) curled up (42339 bytes), and (K4)looking at the camera (37506 bytes) (late '95 early '96, 37506 bytes).
Jasmine poses with the little hat, while Ben looks on (Jan or Feb '96, 46894 bytes).
Jasmine on her hind legs begging. We think that this is her impression of the "Does your ferret have Ferretude?" advertisement for 8-in-1 ferret products (Dec 1996, 50314 bytes).
Jasmine on a leash for a walk stops to pose (Jan 1997, 55972 bytes).
Jasmine grabs a squeak toy (December 1996, 59991 bytes).
Jasmine contemplates grabbing a squeak toy (February 1997, 62379 bytes).
Jasmine climbs onto a table and knocks over a pepper shaker (May 1997, 24456 bytes).
Jasmine looks at the camera from the open door of the cage (November 1997, 42201 bytes).
Jasmine stands in the ferret play room near the clear dryer hose maze (November 1997, 23595 bytes).
Jasmine gives an enormous yawn (April 1998, 39082 bytes).


Bonnie and her brother Charlie were born around July 1, 1997. We acquired them as kits on September 15, 1997. What first attracted us to he was a resemblance to recently departed Ben. She is a bouncy but somewhat timid ferret.
Bonnie looks at the camera from the inside of the red tent (Sept 1997, 28829 bytes).
Bonnie right after we got her as a 11 or 12 week-old kit (September 1997, 54850 bytes).
Bonnie and Charlie beg for treats (September 1997, 67139 bytes).
Bonnie goes airborne as she pounces on Charlie (November 1997, 62498 bytes).
Bonnie and Charlie sing music. Actually they were probably planning to tip the music off of the stand (November 1997, 65405 bytes).
Bonnie and Charlie play in a long clear box that came with a fluorescent lamp (November 1997, 81767 bytes).
Bonnie grabs a Christmas ornament while Revere the cat looks on. This picture was taken Dec '97 when Bonnie was about 5 months old (55642 bytes).


Charlie and his sister Bonnie were born around July 1, 1997. We acquired them as kits on September 15, 1997. Charlie has a vague resemblance to recently departed Jerry but, of course, as a male is much bigger than Jerry was. He is an active ferret that likes to play.
Charlie plays with a ping-pong ball on a string (September 1997, 30798 bytes).
Charlie poses on a roll of carpet. This image was obtained shortly after we got him as a 11 or 12 week-old kit (September 1997, 35823 bytes).
Charlie poses for the camera (October 1997, 62011 bytes).
Charlie sleeps atop the purple hutch, nearly collapsing it. This made it awkward for the other ferrets, especially Buttercup, who liked to sleep inside the purple hutch (October 1997, 41722 bytes).
Charlie gapes at Bridgett while Jasmine runs to join the fun. Charlie is pretending he's from "Jurassic Park" (November 1997, 36436 bytes).
Buttercup (left) and Charlie (right) bare their teeth at each other during play wrestling (October 1997, 42468 bytes).
Buttercup and Charlie face off (November 1997, 55083 bytes).
Jasmine gets a hold on Charlie while Bonnie runs to join the fray (October 1997, 50096 bytes).
Charlie gets a good hold on Jasmine during a wrestling match (October 1997, 48638 bytes).
Charlie and Jasmine lie next to each other with their mouths gaping at each other. It looks like Jasmine is about to pounce on Charlie. (April 1998, 33847 bytes).


We acquired Patrick on October 14, 1998 as a puppy. Patrick is a Shetland Sheepdog, otherwise known as a Sheltie. The book The Shetland Sheepdog, An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Cathy Merrithew, claims that Shelties have an "incredible desire to obey." So far we haven't noticed that desire.
This is Patrick, when he was a 10 week old puppy. This picture was taken Oct 16, 1998, two days after we adopted him.

Other Pictures

This is a picture of Clare's parents, John and Marion Flesch, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary (June 1996, 53420 bytes).
These are the ferrets that belonged to our friends, Wayne and Sylvia Baggett:
Cloudy (left) and Spazz (right), inspect a box of raisins (1995 before October, 79328 bytes). Cloudy (1991 - Feb 21, 1997) and Spazz (October 1988 - April 21, 1997) have left Wayne and Sylvia for the Rainbow Bridge.
Rocky (March 1993 - July 29, 2000) (image taken before October 1995, 70235 bytes).
This is Arnold (February 1996 - Dec 17,2002) ready for what happens next! (fall of '97, 56718 bytes).
Arnold does the "Ferret Dance" (fall of '97, 27533 bytes).
These are pictures of Bill's Mom and brothers' pets:
Bernie is a silver poodle (December 1996, 71323 bytes).
Bernie and Revere (the family cat), are best of friends. Here Bernie and Revere sleep together on a rug (Dec 1996, 66744 bytes). Revere died on September 27, 2001 at the age of 15 after losing a fight with a thyroid tumor.

Here is our ferret page. This page contains the story of our ferrets and some links I have collected concerning ferrets and other pets.

Our dog Lupi, who awaits us at the rainbow bridge, has his own page with his story, as does our present dog Patrick. Our diabetic cat Felix also has his own page.

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