Ben, Buttercup, Bridgett, and Jasmine Begging for Raisins

Jasmine, Ben, Bridgett and Buttercup (left to right) beg for raisins (image taken July 1997). Our ferrets live in a three-story cage connected to a two-story cage. The two cages are connected by a white pipe visible in the lower center of this picture. Outside is a deck with summer flowers.

Although only a month from her death on August 22, 1997 from lymphoma, Ben was still doing quite well at this time. On a typical day she would be hand-fed twice and eat on her own once. After being hand-fed, she would beg for a raisin. The other ferrets were young at this time with Buttercup age 3 1/2, Bridgett 3, and Jasmine 2.

Ben Dec 1989 - Aug 22, 1997
Buttercup Jan 1994 - May 12, 2001
Bridgett Jun 1994 - May 11, 2002
Jasmine Jun 1995 - Jun 18, 1999

Ben, Buttercup, Bridgett and Jasmine Begging