Bridgett Dances with Buttercup

Bridgett (above) dances with Buttercup (below). Bridgett and Buttercup were never exactly friends. Buttercup (with Ben and Jerry) was one of the original three ferrets who wouldn't accept Bridgett. Because of this Bridgett had to live in a separate cage for 7 months. For the rest of Buttercup's life there were were occasional spats between them when Buttercup thought that Bridgett was not properly respecting Buttercup's dominance. Still, Bridgett came a long way in assertiveness -- under the right conditions they could play together.

This picture was taken Feb 12, 2000 with Buttercup 6 years old and Bridgett about 5 1/2.

Buttercup Jan 1994 - May 12, 2001
Bridgett Jun 1994 - May 11, 2002

Bridgett dances with Buttercup